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During the last weeks of 2018 were many rumors that indicated the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy M20 and two other models of this new line at the end of January. Now, 91Mobiles has access to the first photo of the smartphone, proving that it will be the first with the new Infinity-V screen.

This new Infinity-V screen is part of the new generation of displays presented by the South Korean manufacturer in late 2018. These new screens have emerged as the ideal way for your smartphones to offer a greater ratio screen/body.

From early on we realized that Samsung was not a big fan of the new trend of notches, keeping all their smartphones ‘notch free‘ so far. The new Infinity-O, Infinity-V and Infinity-U screens come with a new alternative to the classic notch.

Are the Infinity screens an alternative to notch? Or a notch ‘disguised’?

In the case of Infinity-O, which will be present in Galaxy S10, there is no notch. A small ‘hole’ is present on the screen where your front camera will be housed. In turn, the Infinity-V and Infinity-U present themselves in a very similar way, being much more similar to the notches in form of a drop.

So it seems to me that Samsung held out as much time as possible without adhering to this trend that seems to have come to stay. Although the manufacturers continue to work hard to eliminate from time to time, for now, it is a ‘necessary evil’.

These Infinity screens from the South Korean manufacturer are no more than a ‘disguised’ notch, with even manufacturers like Huawei, who have already launched smartphones with smaller holes on the screen.

For who will be this Samsung Galaxy M20

Still, according to the site 91Mobiles, which had access to a pre-production unit, the Samsung Galaxy M20 will arrive with an Infinity-V screen with curved ends. This small detail will make it quite comfortable to hold with one hand.

Although it is not a top-of-the-range smartphone. Its very interesting specifications, allied to a price that should be around 200 euros, making it quite attractive for a younger audience. In addition, you will certainly be able to compete directly with various Chinese manufacturers. Especially in one of the most important markets of today, India.

This smartphone does not stand out just by its screen

The manufacturer is determined to give more prominence to its mid-range smartphones. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy M20 will have much more to offer, than just a ‘beautiful screen’.

With regard to its other specifications, you will be able to count on an impressive battery of 5000mAh. This will be the largest battery ever used on a smartphone brand.

Finally, you will have the fingerprint reader positioned on your rear panel and will maintain the desired 3.5mm audio input. We are still not sure when it will be presented, but it is hoped that an event will be held later this month.

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