8 Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 You Won't Find On iPhone

It was only a few days before the announcement of Samsung's new Galaxy Note 8, which clearly took all precautions to avoid falling into the problems of Galaxy Note 7 that led to the withdrawal of the phone from the market and stopped manufacturing. It is clear that the new Samsung Note 8 comes with many new features that outperform its strong competitor for iPhone after the failed experience of Note 7, which is turning a lot of users of Samsung to port to iPhone.


Samsung launched this new version of its phones trying to restore its users by seeking to attract iPhone users to these features that will not be found by users of the iPhone on their phones. This great temptation that Samsung is attempting to attract more customers has already happened, especially with comparison lovers, a simple comparison shows several features enjoyed by Note 8.

8 Amazing Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

So in this article, we will talk about the pros of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a focus on the reasons why it is better than any of the iPhone that is on the market now and makes the later users think of the acquisition of the new device from Samsung.

Dual camera

Apple may be the first to use the dual-camera feature on its phones, but this is one of the mistakes since HTC is the first to use this technology with the One M8, but it is clear that Apple was the first to adopt the portrait mode, which is the vertical state of the cameras arrangement. It works on backlighting and simulates what DSLR cameras offer.

But the new and what Samsung offers in its Note 8 is a dual-lens rear camera; the resolution is 12-megapixel each. The first lens is a wide-angle lens; the second is a 2x zoom telephoto lens

The obvious difference you find on Note 8, which you can not see on any iPhone, is that both lenses have the IOS (optical stabilization) feature, but the iPhone (iPhone 7) has this feature in the main lens only (wide angle), and this feature helps to minimize hands shaking even with the use of 10x digital zoom capability.

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As we have said before, the iPhone camera has a vertical mode, while Samsung has developed a similar feature in the camera of the Note 8 smartphone called Live Focus, but the biggest difference of the camera Note 8 is the ability to adjust the intensity of the fog in the background using the slider at the same time as the shot or after taking the picture.

Amazing screen

It is common for Samsung phones to be the best in the category they compete with. This is what appeared on the display of the new Note 8, where the screen comes from the type of Super Amoled and 6.3 inches and featuring fantastic colouring as it offers apparent bright colours, black colour is saturated.

As for the iPhone screen, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has the HDR feature as this feature provides diverse content elements with high contrast, with a wider dynamic range, and this is evident in dark black and saturated white colour, and of course, this makes everything look very lively.

The pen

Everyone knows that several companies have introduced the pen feature within the phones produced by these companies Microsoft and Apple, and Samsung is one of those companies that made this addition to all Note phones, but Galaxy Note 8  has a very distinctive electronic Stylus of the pen and is the best so far.

The pen is outputable with a single click and supports 4096 levels of pressure. The thickness is 0.7 mm. As the pen works underwater, the pen supports a new feature. It translates the whole sentences when used in text selection, and certainly many of us prefer to use fingers with smart phones, but still the best pen in writing and drawing.

Fast Wireless Charging

It seems that Samsung is ahead of many. Samsung has adopted this fast wireless charging feature for several years, but some rumours that Apple will take this feature in the new iPhone 8, which will appear soon this year is still in the fog. Not only that, but everyone believes that this feature is specialised for Samsung and is very suitable for Note 8 as the fastest wireless charging phone similar to traditional cable charging. This means that through the rapid wireless charging technology, you can charge the Galaxy Note 8 from 0 to 49% in just 30 minutes.

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Expandable internal memory

Samsung has the advantage of being one of the fastest growing companies in the world. It can increase storage capacity for many years, and in the Galaxy Note 8, the internal memory capacity starts from 64 GB to 256 GB. Users can use an external memory card to increase the capacity from 256 GB to 320 GB, and some need to increase storage capacity due to the resolution of the images taken and the large size of the 4K video clips.

Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor is found on many smartphones, especially for iPhone, which is innovative by Apple to be the best and fastest fingerprint sensor, but Samsung has used another technology, which is the most advanced technology.

Adding to the feature of the Note 8 is the iris scanner sensor that identifies the user's eye before unlocking. Where the phone recognises the user through the face and the eye and through the look of the sensor, which Samsung is always improving and has appeared in the best developments in Note 8

DeX Station

By purchasing DeX Station, your phone will turn into an integrated computer with a robust operating system that can be used to complete all tasks. All you have to do is connect the phone to this piece and connect the piece to a computer screen. This computer will work well.

Always on Display

Always on display is a service that has characterised Samsung in its phones for several years, where you can see all your notifications and see them without having to open the screen or lighting manually, the feature is located on the Note 8 phone with greater power.

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