In this article, we will be showing you where and how to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 USB Drivers for your Windows and Mac PC.

If you plan on connecting your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to your Windows or Mac then you should know that you need Samsung USB drivers or Android drivers for your windows or Mac PC to be able to communicate with your Phone. The process of installing the USB drivers is easy. However, the Samsung USB drivers are only available for Windows PC and not for Mac.

Nevertheless, if you would like to transfer files from your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to your Macbook then that can still be done using the Android file transfer tool. This tool lets you transfer files from your MacBook to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and vice versa if you want. We will be laying out the steps on how to get both. So depending on which device you have (Windows or Mac), you’ll choose one.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 USB Drivers for Windows

  • First, you’ll have to download the Samsung USB drivers by heading to the Samsung Website. It is only 15MB in size and in zip format.
  • Unzip the Zip package and run the .exe file.

  • Tap Next and in the next page, Tap Next again.

  • Hit Install, wait for it to install. This shouldn’t take too long. Then tap Finish.

Once that is done, Simply reboot your Windows PC and you’re all good. Now you can plug in your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device and transfer files from your device to your Windows PC and vice versa.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 USB Drivers for MAC

Like I said earlier, there are no USB drivers for Mac which means we will be using other methods to transfer files between your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and your MacBook. Now there are many software you can use to do this but for this tutorial, we will be making use of the Android File Transfer app on Mac which only works on MacOS 10.7 and higher.

  • Open the AndroidFileTransfer.dmg file and drag it to applications.

  • Plug in your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to your MacBook using a USB cable.

  • Now double-Click on Android File transfer to run the application and from here, you can transfer all the files you want, to and from the MacBook.

  • Conclusion

    Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 USB drivers and Android File Transfer, you can now transfer files easily from your device to your PC, regardless of which PC you’re using. If you run into any trouble while carrying out the steps above, don’t hesitate to let us know by dropping a comment down below in the comment section.

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