samsung galaxy note 9 concept design 153156076850
samsung galaxy note 9 concept design 153156076850

Most Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users miss the good old days of Adobe Flash? Then you know that Android manufacturers like Samsung gave up on it for some reasons like wanting to develop users browsing experiences.

Samsung phones get newer versions almost every year, further downgrading the need for flash plugins, yet some smartphone users still like the idea of using a Flash Player on their smartphones. There are a lot of stuff on the Internet that still needs a Flash Player to use them.

To develop user experience, there are devoted browsing platforms and applications that have an incorporated flash player support. Great news, right? The likes of Dolphin, Mozilla, Puffin, and Firefox browsers gives quality flash player support.

This is to guarantee you that your options are far from inadequate particularly if you are a Flash Player fan. If you download any of these browsers, you will be allowed to enjoy the Flash Player-needed content and you can also get to enjoy those SWF games if you want to enjoy them. But where do you begin from?

From our point of view, the Dolphin browser is the perfect choice for any smartphone user who wants to play flash videos without difficulty. The Dolphin Browser gives more than just vital flash support. With Dolphin browser, you can also access the incognito browsing, sidebars, HTML5 video player, and tab bar, as well as super-fast loading speed.

Now that you have gone through the above information about how you can get the Flash Player on your Samsung device, let us go ahead to the next step.

Galaxy Note 9 Flash Player Tutorial

  1. Turn on your Galaxy Note 9 device
  2. Then open the Google Play application
  3. After opening it, then look for Dolphin Browser
  4. After getting it, make sure you download and install the application
  5. Exit the Google Play Store application and open the App menu
  6. Click on the newly installed browser
  7. Tap the Dolphin icon in the browser to unlock the browser settings
  8. Then find the Flash Player option and set it to Always On
  9. Browse any web page.
  10. The page should quickly open and direct you to download the Adobe Flash APK file
  11. Get the plugin and use the Flash Player

Take Note: If you are not capable to download and install the Adobe Flash file extension from the Dolphin browser, it is likely that you didn’t permit the Unknown Sources option on your smartphone Galaxy Note 9. For you to do this follow the below step.

  1. Click on the Settings application
  2. Tap on the Security option
  3. Mark the box for the Unknown Sources

You should be able to install the third-party APKs file that are not directly from Google Play Store. You can lastly take pleasure in the Flash Player without any difficulties.

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