Note 8 vs iPhone X
Note 8 vs iPhone X

Both Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone X are very formidable smartphones. Probably, they are two of the best options for those looking to buy powerful smartphones at this time.

iPhone X in perspective

Released in November 2017, the iPhone X quickly became a smartphone of repute. Very expensive at the price of £999, iPhone X became one of the most sought-after devices in 2018.

It became the most attractive and feature-packed smartphone Apple ever manufactured, with a historical all-screen front side, encompassing 5.8-inch OLED into what many see as a relatively small body.

iPhone X performance is very fast due to Apple All Bionic chip. The dual lens camera produces very fantastic photos.

What are the iPhone X main Specifications and Features?

It is waterproof, and this means that if the smartphone falls into water in a bucket, you don’t have to worry. Accordingly, it is said that the smartphone is able to live after falling into one meter deep water, staying there for about 30 minutes.

Secondly, it has wireless charging capability. For real, you don’t have to plug your cable in for the phone to charge. It’s got Qi-compatible wireless charging pad, which is the most common specie, allowing you to use the smartphone without ever plugging in a cable charger if that’s what you want.

Third, it’s got Face ID technology. This is renowned as the most famous of iPhone features. Simply put, it’s a facial recognition system replacing the former Touch ID fingerprint scanner. This system learns your face features and uses them to let you in anytime you want to unlock the phone. This is possible because the smartphone uses a selfie camera that can sense depth and map your face and its movements.

Those are the salient features of iPhone X we can mention at this time.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Perspective

At the time of this review, Galaxy Note 9 will get to the market in two days; August 9, 2018, to precise. Apple’s latest iPhone will hit the market a couple of months later.

When you hear ‘Note’ in Galaxy smartphones, it means the smartphone in question is top-notched. Users who buy these range of smartphones are those who require much performance. They do a lot of things with the device at the same time, and they think of optimum performance. Probably, that is why Note 7 phones were bursting into flames for not being able to handle the challenges and exertions from power users.

Here are the main Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The phone will support an unbelievable one terabyte (1TB) storage capacity. Half of that is to come from the use of a microSD card. That is amazing and is coming from a brand that has lived through various challenges in the past.

Fingerprint Scanner: Samsung wants to stay on using this technology. This time, Note 9 is rumored to have it sit below the rear camera.

All-Glass Screen: This feature will mean reduction of the bezel to a minimum, near non-existence. Call it infinity display; it will fill out almost all the smartphone’s glass exterior with screen.

Face Recognition Technology: It is most likely that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will also sport this feature. Remember, Apple took the world by storm with this feature, fans will expect that from any top-notched smartphone.

Double Rear Cameras: One more rumored feature we all expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It’s simply what it is: two cameras fitting to the back.

The verdict?

It appears that if one is a tech-savvy user who wants more from a smartphone, it’s possible to lean toward Samsung Galaxy Note 9. If one wants a simple, casual smartphone experience, iPhone X will do.

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