Samsung Galaxy S8 1
Samsung Galaxy S8 1

If your Samsung Galaxy phone won’t connect to PC or just won’t get recognized by your PC/computer then don’t panic as there some ways to find out the problem and hopefully fix it. In this guide, we will be walking you through those methods.

Check Your USB Cable

First, you’ll need to check your USB cable to make sure it isn’t damaged as This is perhaps the problem most times. When a USB cable is damaged, it will be unable to transfer files or create a connection between your phone and your PC/computer. Also, just because your USB cable charges your phone fine doesn’t mean it isn’t damaged. Some USB cables can only charge phones(probably a fake). While some can charge your phone and also connect your phone to a PC(more likely an original one)

So to make sure that the cable isn’t the culprit here, you’ll need to test other cables; like two or three different cables to be sure. If any of those cables worked then the problem is from your USB cable and you’ll to get a new USB. If not, them move on to the next step.

Make Sure Your Drivers Are Up-To-Date

Outdated drivers can be the reason why your Samsung Galaxy phone won’t connect to PC. Drivers are what make connections between phones and PC possible through the help of the USB cable. So once you’re sure your USB cable is working well then your driver’s is something else you should check.

If you’re not sure if the Samsung drivers on your PC is up-to-date or it is outdated and you’ll like to update then simply head to the Samsung Galaxy Website. Now, Download the Samsung USB driver for mobile phones which is just about 15MB in size. Unzip and install. Now try connecting your Samsung Galaxy phone to your PC using a USB Cable.

Enable MTP(Media Transfer Protocol) & USB Debugging

When you connect your phone to a PC, there are options you need to enable in order to give the PC access to the files on your phone. Two of which are the MTP and USB debugging. Most time, we often change the option from MTP to charge Only in order to enable our phone charge faster as leaving it in MTP slows down the charging rate. However, in the charge only mode, the files on your phone can’t be accessed. So you’ll have to switch over by tapping on the option in the notification tab and switching over to MTP.

After doing that, you’ll also have to enable USB debugging if it isn’t enabled. If it doesn’t then follow the steps below to enable it.

  • Open the Settings Menu/App on your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  • Click on About device and Keep tapping on Build Number till you see the “you’re now a developer” message in the bottom side of the screen.

  • Now, Go back to Settings and to see the new Developer Options. Click on it and Enable USB Debugging.

After doing all of the above, your phone should be recognized by your PC.

Still Not Working?

If at this point your Samsung Galaxy phone won’t connect to PC then it might be as a result of damaged charging/USB port on maybe your Samsung Galaxy phone or your PC. You should probably clean the ports with a cotton wool or trying removing the particle that might be in them and trying the above steps again.

If cleaning them doesn’t work, then you’ll need the expertise of a phone technician to diagnose and probably fix the problem as it is probably hardware related. Unfortunately, we can only assist you with software related issues which should have been fixed with the steps above if it was.

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