Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has a mysterious connector on the inside; Here's a dissection! (Video)

I have already seen many videos in which the Samsung Galaxy S10 is bent, burned, dissected in front of the camera and tortured in a way and way, but now it's time for the 5G version to have this fate. A lucky man took the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and unleashed it in front of the camera, finding a mysterious connector on the inside.

I remind you that the phone has not yet been launched in the stores of the countries that will sell it (with 5G networks ready), which is why we are surprised by this premature teardown. At large there are not many changes to a Galaxy S10 + or Galaxy S10 classic and it all starts with a hairdryer and guitar feathers. The phone has a glass panel in the back and glass and front with a metal frame between.

From the beginning, there is something unusual, a mysterious connector on the top right. YouTuber PBKReviews speculates that it would be a connector for a cable that would connect to the motherboard or maybe to another card. The source also says that he has never seen anything like this before. One speculation is that it could be a cable for a Verizon operator's luminous logo, let's say.

The rest of the dissection is classic, with a wireless coil for visual charge, over the generous 4.500 mAh battery. The 5G special antennas are "pulled" through plastic sections and the YouTuber does not seem to be found in this 10-minute modem clip. It is then to inspect the motherboard and the more migrative components in its search.

We also note the Triple Room Module, with an extra Time of Flight 3D sensor. Nothing unusual about cooling: a thick layer of thermal paste that comes in contact with a copper heatsink. The rest is in the clip.

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