Samsung Galaxy S10 also lets you hide your hole in the screen


The Samsung Galaxy S10 was unveiled this week and brings us a new philosophy of display. The new top-of-the-range South Korean comes with an Infinity-O display. That is, it has a small hole or "hole in the screen" to house your front camera.

But like the notch, there may be some who are not very fanatical about this approach. For these the South Korean included in the Samsung Galaxy S10 a method to "hide" this small interruption on your screen.

In the same way, like many other devices, this feat can be achieved through a software maneuver. More specifically, once this option is activated, a black bar will be implemented at the top of the Galaxy S10 screen.

Samsung Galaxy S10 uses software to hide this small imperfection

However, with the enable of this option, we have a much less elegant screen than it really is. We have a fairly large top margin, especially considering how small the bottom margin of the same screen is.

That way, we can say that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be much less asymmetrical. In addition, as you can see in the image below, we have a large, unapproved screen area.

Useful information like notifications, clock, battery status and more will be shown below this black bar. Moreover, as we look closely, we continue to glimpse the front chambers of the equipment.

You can then go to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Settings to activate this possibility. This option may be advantageous for applications that are not yet able to take full advantage of this new Infinity-O display.

Finally, on a personal note, I just want to express that this is not at all a solution that pleases me. I do not see this option of hiding the "hole in the screen" as something elegant. Particularly on a screen which, in its natural state, occupies more than 90% of the frontal structure of the equipment.

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