Samsung Galaxy S10 Android leak 1
Samsung Galaxy S10 Android leak 1

For these days, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is an inescapable theme of the current technology. With a preview scheduled for next February, the details of this smartphone have been dissected over the past few weeks.

Repeating the verified scenario as to its predecessor, everything and anything else has been news topic.

In this sense, we already know that this Samsung Galaxy S10 will bring many new technologies. The one that will have more relevance will undoubtedly be its fingerprint sensor built into the screen. After years of rumors, it seems that it will finally come to fruition.

Samsung Galaxy S10 to Bring New Rapid Charging Technology

In addition, a new approach is expected for their screens. This time, these should have lower margins thanks to the new philosophy Infinity-O. We can still have reverse wireless charging, more internal memory and new settings for the cameras.

According to the well-known leakster Ice Universe, the new Samsung Galaxy S10 are still preparing to bring more speed when recharging their battery. In fact, South Korea’s rapid 15W shipment is poised to be a part of the past.

With the launch of new technologies like the 40W of Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the 30W of the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, Samsung does not want to be left behind. As such, the technology giant is preparing to upgrade its fast-loading technology.

However, Ice Universe was not able to elucidate to us the numbers inherent to this technology. We do not know to what extent it can equal, or even surpass, the two above.

What is certain is that regardless of the numbers associated, recharging the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be a less time-consuming job. At a time when we rely more and more on our smartphones, the less time this process takes, the better.

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