Xiaomi and Oppo prove that the three-dimensional facial scanning system can be used on Android devices such as Face ID iPhone X. This system is much safer than the two-dimensional scan used in today’s market. According to The Bell report, this functionality will be supported on the Samsung Galaxy S10 next year.

Samsung is believed to be working with Mantis Vision firm to develop this technology. Most likely the Galaxy Note 9 will be the last Samsung device to use the spy scanning system. Unlike Oppo Find X, Galaxy S10 is believed to include a fingerprint scan system but built-in screen as used on Vivo NEX. This is to provide users with options that may be more comfortable with the fingerprint scanning system.

Both technologies are popular throughout 2018. Therefore Samsung has no choice but to include it on their primary device to prevent criticism from users. What about Amanz readers? Are these two scanning systems necessary or just a sales gimmick?

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