Samsung’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone is expected to be officially unveiled next February, but it’s time to see more information about the flagship.

According to the information, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will severely change the design of the Galaxy S line in order to compete with the evolution of smartphones in the last year.

With the design of the Galaxy S to have a little evolution last year, it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will change the paradigm a little. Rumors have been specific and leaks of information are confirming the initial rumors.

Samsung Galaxy S10 should arrive with a small “hole” for the front camera

That is, the future Samsung smartphone should even reduce the margins to the maximum with the same technology that Apple created in the iPhone X.

If so far we saw smartphones with the “chin” or the “forehead” large, the same should not happen with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

This image confirms that the edges of the smartphone should be as thin as the Apple iPhone X. That is, the AMOLED should be curved on the inside in order to reduce these margins. The technique developed by Apple with the screens of Samsung and LG.

This image speaks for itself and the leaker has already shown to be reliable. We can see a smartphone with narrow margins and a small hole in the front for the camera. It has already been said that Samsung is working on a camera that will be behind the screen, however, does not seem to be happening in the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Finally, we can also question the image for a simple reason. The amount of physical buttons we see.

Let me explain. In the Galaxy S9 we have 3 buttons on the left side – volume selector and power – and the Bixby button on the right side. The image “misses” a button. Will Samsung remove Bixby or is there another way to turn the smartphone on and off?

In conclusion, even if the source of the image is a reference I will tell you to keep a foot behind. As time goes by we will have more information about the smartphone.


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