SamsungGalaxyS10 12
SamsungGalaxyS10 12

We are only a few hours from the end of 2018, and it would not be a ‘serious’ end of the year if we did not have some more news about the Samsung Galaxy S10. So far, there have been several leaks of information and rumors about the new smartphone, and millions of fans of the brand are awaiting more information.

Among countless rumors and information leaks, it was already possible to have a good idea of what the final result can present us. In this way, there is nothing better than a few renderers all quaint to make us dream even more.

Through the usual creator, Concept Creator, we now have beautiful conceptual images of the possible final design of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. On the other hand, if these designs turn out to be accurate, we have some of the most beautiful smartphones ever.

If the Samsung Galaxy S10 is anyway … will ‘break many hearts’

The screen of both devices presents practically without borders. With the intention of offering a truly immersive experience thanks to the new Infinity-O screens. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S10, we only have a selfie cameraWhile the larger variant is expected to come equipped with two.

On the back panel, we only have a picture of the S10 Plus, where the alleged 4 cameras are prominently featured. On the other hand, the ‘normal’ variant should arrive with a triple chamber configuration. On the back panel, you’ll only find the cameras and the brand logo. Since the fingerprint reader is integrated in the screen.

Although it is only a conceptual image. The truth is, it comes up against pretty much everything that has been referred to over the past few weeks, both in rumors and in information leaks.

Finally, this would not be the first time that Concept Creator was able to develop a rendering that turned out to be identical to the final result. So here’s a good possibility for the most anticipated smartphone of 2019.

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