Samsung Galaxy S9: accessories maker confirms cell phone design


Taking advantage of the absurd hype and the torrent of recurring leaks on the ninth Galaxy S family earlier this year, here's another accessories manufacturer's presence to reaffirm the design of Samsung's next elite phone, corroborating some rumors and, of course, diverging From others.

This time it was the Chinese Nillkin who brought up the look of the Galaxy S9 through their promotional case material, where we can observe the positioning of the sensors and the infinite screen that, in fact, does not deviate so much from the archetype of Galaxy S8 that we already know - confers there:

The new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + no doubt already respond as some of the most relevant and expected releases of 2018, although the most drastic changes apparently will only be on the hardware that feeds each one.

As we reported over the last year, the team at Samsung must keep a complete makeover just for the design of the Galaxy Note 9, and the Galaxy S9 will see the light of day just as a Galaxy S8 " fancier " - that's basically it.

The Nillkin publication shows the smartphone with a digital reader on the back below the single sensor main camera - remembering that only the Galaxy S9 +, as the most complete variant of the line, will bring a dual-cam configuration at its core.

Moreover, it's the same look revealed by other manufacturers last year, in the example of Ghostek, who in turn shared the Galaxy S9 + ahead of time.

This week, the devices also appeared side by side with the same design spread across social media, and now the information really converges on one thing in common.

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Samsung should officialize the new high-end smartphone in this first quarter of the new calendar - now it's only a matter of time.

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