Just as in recent years, Samsung was not able to keep secret about the development of its next elite smartphone.

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Although nothing is still official, the Galaxy S9 has already appeared on the internet several times, both on its visual and technical specifications.

Now, a “trusted source” has provided more information to Forbes.

According to Gordon Kelly, informants have confirmed that the image below depicts the actual appearance of the Galaxy S9.

Image: This is the final design of the Galaxy S9, according to Forbes.

It’s the same design reported on other occasions but is now gaining momentum with one of the best sources on the market: Forbes. See the following details.

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Image: This is the final design of the Galaxy S9, according to Forbes.

So the Galaxy S9 will retain most aspects of its predecessor, the Galaxy S8, including the “Infinite Display” – the name given by Samsung itself to such minimal edges – and the body made of glass.

In fact, it is impossible to discern one from the other by looking only at the front. Fortunately, even the P2 port was maintained. So, what changes?

Only the position of the fingerprint reader.

It continues in the back, no biometrics under the screen, but gains a new position that improves the reach of the fingers. Before, the piece was on the right side of the primary camera, leading many users to error.

Galaxy S9 Plus will have dual camera

If the Forbes source is right, this will be the first time the Galaxy S line will have two models with different camera capabilities. Following in the footsteps of Apple, the smaller version keeps the sensor unique, giving space for the Galaxy S9 Plus to arrive with the so-called dual camera.

Yes, precisely as it did with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, onwards.

The first Samsung smartphone with this technology was the Galaxy Note 8. In contrast, there are no images for the Galaxy S9 Plus with its dual camera; you will need to wait until the official announcement to find out more.

The event is suggested for February 2018, during the MWC, and TechLector will pay considerable attention to the full coverage of the novelty.

So what did you guys think about the Galaxy S9 revelation? Share your opinion in the comments!

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