Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus 5
Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus 5

The users of the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus have been complaining about having Touchscreen Problem on their device. Some are saying the upper part of their device is unresponsive while some others are saying its the down part. Some others are also saying it is the whole screen.

Now, the first thing you might want to do is to blame Samsung or the carrier you got the phone from. Some users of the device have complained to either Samsung or their Carrier(depending on where they got theirs from) and got a replacement. But the touchscreen problem might not necessarily be their fault and might actually be yours.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus is water resistant, leaving the phone submerged in water for too long can also cause the screen to be unresponsive. Dropping the phone on a hard surface can also have the same effect on the phone. Lastly, playing games continuously for long can also cause the touchscreen problem.

If you’ve done any of these before noticing the touchscreen screen problem on your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, then following the steps below might just help you fix it.

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Touchscreen Problem (solved)

Before you think about taking your device to Samsung or anywhere else for repairs, here are some things you can try out first.

Force Restart

This should be the first step and might just be what your phone needs. To do this, follow the instructions below.

  • Simply Press and Hold The Power Button and Volume Down Button Simultaneously for about 10 seconds. (While the phone is still turned on)
  • Immediately the screen goes blank then let go of all the buttons and your device should reboot on its own.

After the phone restarts, check to see if it is now responsive. If it isn’t, then continue reading.

Boot Into Safe Mode

The safe mode like the name implies is a safe place, away from third-party games and apps that might be messing up with your phone. In the safe mode, all third-party app is frozen, only core Android apps are allowed to run.

After you’ve boot into the safe mode on your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, Check to see if the Touchscreen Problem has been fixed. If it has, then an app installed on your phone is the culprit of the problem and you need to uninstall it. You can start by uninstalling your last installed app and then work your way down till you get to the app causing the screen malfunction. If the touchscreen problem still persists in the safe mode, then head to the next step.

Factory Reset

If you’ve tried the above steps, you are still experiencing the Touchscreen problem on your device then it might time to factory reset your phone. This procedure fixes Almost all software problems and it it doesn’t then it is definitely a hardware problem which will require the expertise of a trusted technician, or you can take it to Samsung if your warranty is still valid. But first, factory reset. To do this open the Settings Menu >> Backup & Restore >> Factory Data Reset >> Reset Phone >> Erase Everything.


Like I said, if the steps above did not solve your problems then there is a high chance it is a hardware problem. Taking it to the nearest Samsung office or the carrier you got it from should be your next course of action for a repair or replacement.

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