Samsung Has Fixed A Big Mistake For Galaxy Note 10 Did it Secretly
Samsung Has Fixed A Big Mistake For Galaxy Note 10 Did it Secretly

Samsung has recently launched its Galaxy Note 10 series including the standard Note 10, Note 10+ and the Note 10+ 5G. The Note 10+ and the Note 10+ 5G are packed with powerful features and specifications. However, Samsung has stripped off some essential features from the standard Note 10 variant.

It is found that Samsung has misled the people on one important aspect of the Galaxy Note 10 series. According to reports, the company said that Note 10 will feature an aluminium frame body instead of stainless steel.

Surprisingly, you will find the sentence in the form of a voice-over by a girl, “Stainless steel and glass meld to minimize bezel” during the introductory video of Galaxy Note 10. The same sentence is mentioned on the official website of Samsung.

But after getting caught by an XDA developer, Max Weinbach, the company was able to quickly make the required change to the introductory video as well as the website.

The part of the voice-over depicting the above sentence has now been muted in the re-uploaded video. The company has also made the required change to its website, mentioning the word “polished metal” instead of stainless steel.

Additionally, Samsung has also told Android Central that the frame of the Galaxy Note 10 series phones will be made from aluminium and not stainless steel. The reason behind doing this is suggested that Samsung might have run into some production issues with the stainless steel design and so the company decided to switch back to old material they are using since Galaxy S6.

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