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South Korean tech company, Samsung Electronics has built an in house Coronavirus check-up center close to its Chip manufacturing plant in South Korea. A report from TheLec has revealed that the company set up the center within its campus in Hwaseong, South Korea.

The company installed two containers within the new check-up center. One of the containers takes in samples while the other runs the diagnostics. The company has hired six trained professionals including one doctor to manage the center. This center is funded entirely by the company with the approval of the Hwaseong City Hall and the local public health center.

Samsung Coronavirus check up center
Samsung Coronavirus check up center

Now that the company has set up a check-up center close to its chip production plant, it will be able to carry out faster and more regular check-ups and its employees would have to go to the local hospitals less. Samsung has revealed that this is only the first center and it plans to set up other centers for its other facilities very soon. Over the past few months, Samsung has had to close some of its production sites as a result of on-site infections. With the installation of these centers, however, the company should be able to ensure maximum safety for the workers and efficiency for the company.

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