Samsung is about to launch a hybrid Chromebook with stylus

Although not yet very common in many countries, the Chrome OS is reasonably famous. The low cost of the laptops equipped with the software makes it very attractive for those who want a computer to perform simple tasks, such as processing texts, browsing the internet and exchanging emails. Thinking about it, Samsung plans to launch a new Chromebook in early 2018, as rumors indicate.

The information is from the Chrome Unboxed website, which found references to a hybrid device (the keyboard’s detachable keyboard, which turned it into a tablet) named “Nautilus” in the latest version of the Chromium project source code. The passage in question alludes to a stylus pen embedded in the gadget, which, when inserted or removed, closes or opens a menu of options itself in the interface of the operating system.

Everything indicates that the Nautilus will be launched to compete with the Pixelbook, Google’s own 2 in 1 that was announced in October. However, given that the device is in a price range that is not in line with the Chromebook segment, Samsung can succeed in this new endeavor if it launches the gadget at a lower price. The way is to expect some news during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, scheduled for the month of January.

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