Samsung recently launched a version of Galaxy Note 8 “Avant Edition”, it is an attractive design together with prices almost doubled compared to the iPhone X.

According to trustedreviews , the Galaxy Note 8 Avant Edition was created in collaboration with 99 Avant – Han Seung Woo, a Korean artist who will create unique icons and wallpapers inside the special Note 8. This.

The Galaxy Note 8 Avant Edition has the same configuration as the original, the only difference being that it has 256 GB of internal memory, much higher than the standard 64 GB model.

Basically, the Galaxy Note 8 Avant Edition will be covered with a set of cases with different artwork, inside the cover will also be signed by the artist.

The price of the Galaxy Note 8 Avant Edition will be $ 1,800, nearly double the original price of the iPhone. However, only 99 Galaxy Note 8 Avant Edition sold in the market. Korean school only.


  1. That good from Samsung I think they are now playing a vital role in their games,wish them to produce a good device,love to get more informative article from you.


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