Samsung Evo Plus MicroSD Card
Samsung Evo Plus MicroSD Card

Samsung previously announced that a 512GB MicroSD card was in the works and now it is here. The 512GB MicroSD card was listed by the German version of the company on their website with a price tag of about €300, €289.90 to be exact. The price tag seems to be on the high side considering that 256GB MicroSD from the same Samsung costs around €99 so the storage space here actually doubled but the price tripled.

My only guess as to why the price is high is probably because smart phones don’t have two MicroSD card slots, yet ? As you can probably buy two of the 256GB MicroSD to make up about the same amount of storage as the new and save some bucks. The new 512GB MicroSD card according to Samsung also has about 93% of it’s actually capacity, just in case you were hoping to actually see 512GB when you get one. It is also capable of transferring a file size of about 5GB in less than a minute, thanks to its write speed of 100MB/s. The MicroSD card isn’t on sale at the moment as it hasn’t been launched yet but there is an option to get notified as soon as it goes on sale on their website if you’re thinking of getting one.

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