Samsung Digital Signage

It is not unusual to see a 360-degree LED screen installed by Samsung Electronics at events and busy places. The reason for that is the company’s determination to break into new frontiers in technology business. Following in the same pattern is LG Electronics.

Both are expanding their presence in the digital signage sector, looking for fresh opportunities in the electronics market.

Samsung said that in the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, about 21 LED displays have been installed throughout the arena for a total 12, 047 square feet of LED video. The screen is HD quality video. Furthermore, fans at the arena can enjoy every bit of the action wherever they may sit.

Samsung affirms its fans that the firm will continue to supply quality LED signage products not only in stadia but also for outdoor billboards. Now people in countries like Kuala Lumpur can see signage like the one you see in the picture in places like parks, and other public space.

LG Electronics on the other hand is bracing up to get into a joint venture with Lufthansa Technik, a subsidiary of German airline Lufthansa, to develop electronic systems for aircraft cabins.

LG Digital Signage

The new firm will be created by LG and Lufthansa and will be based in Hamburg.

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The OLED technology to be used will be supplied by LG. Also, digital signage products will venture into the in-cabin aircraft apps market. These form of advertising is a centrally controlled content distribution using messages, videos, and images in digital formats.

Worldwide, the digital signage market is receiving a huge boost, according to data gleaned from market research IDC. In view of this, the market is on the rise as more than 870,000 signage products were shipped in the second quarter of 2018.

Samsung keeps leading the market with the largest share of 33.9 percent, IDC has reported. The company shipped nearly 300,000 digital signage products solely in the second quarter of 2018.

LG is the second largest provider. Therefore, it has a market share of 8.5 percent as of the second quarter this year. The company shipped about 74,199 digital signage products in the same period, as revealed by IDC.

China’s Goodview comes third on the list.


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