In the news today, Samsung has joined Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (PAI) to forge a better future for AI from now on. PAI is an industry consortium conducting research and discussion, sharing insights, providing thought leadership, identifies new areas for AI application, also creating informational materials to advance understanding of AI technology.

Samsung wants to produce AI products and services that are reliable and safe for people and beneficial to the human race. Now that Samsung is a member of PAI, the company will try as much as possible to facilitate ongoing progress of artificial intelligence.

The workgroup known as ‘Collaboration Between People and AI Systems’ will be used to investigate AI’s impacts on safety, transparency, societies, and economies.

There are over 80 partners from 13 countries and most of these tech companies are popular. They include the following; ACLU, Amazon, Amnesty International, Apple, Baidu, BBC, DeepMind, T-Mobile, EFF, Facebook, Google, Human Rights Watch, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, The New York Times, NVIDIA, PayPal, Salesforce, SONY, UNICEF, and Wikimedia, just to name a few.

On the other hand, Nokia is reportedly partnering Infosys to digitize organizations using AI. This move will gradually move to encompass the global workforce.

In a latest report, Nokia revealed that the partnership is to help drive digital transmission in sectors such as transport, energy, manufacturing, education, and media.

Together with artificial intelligence, the company will use lean management, mobile broadband and Internet of Things (IoT).

It is also expected that collaboration will marry technology, products and services from Nokia with platform solutions, engineering and operations management expertise from Infosys.

Particular needs of customers will also be addressed by Nokia and Infosys, as this is one of the main reasons for venturing into the partnership.

Another reason for the partnership is the rapidly changing technology landscape with a focus on digital, software-defined networking, machine learning, and IoT, among others are constantly challenging organizations to transform their business and operating models.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining the spotlight these days as many companies think of re-inventing the workplace. Even in the media, AI is being proposed as means of bringing innovation to news casting.


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