samsung galaxy note 10 tit
samsung galaxy note 10 tit

Following the launch of the Galaxy S10e, and consequent success in the market. It seems the time has come to repeat the formula in the range Note! Namely, already in the next Galaxy Note 10.

In short, the new information, suggest that the Korean giant will even introduce two versions of Galaxy Note 10.

That said, according to ETNews latest news, the two variants of the Galaxy Note 10, will come with a screen of 6.28 “and 6.75”, respectively

So we’re talking about a 0.47-inch screen difference! What, for some users even can be considered a small difference…

Galaxy Note 10 concept by PhoneArena

However, remember that at this time the smartphones of Samsung and other brands, occupy almost 100% of the front of the equipment. That is, the total size of a smartphone currently is based on the size of the screen.

All this is great news, especially for enthusiasts looking for the unique features of Samsung Note models. Like S-Pen, and all its functions, but deep down … They prefer a smartphone with a “smaller” profile.

So, the smaller 6.28 “model will lie exactly between the Galaxy S10 6.1” and the S10 + 6.4 “.

However, the larger 6.75 “model should be close to the upcoming 7.0” Galaxy S10 5G. Read more about the Galaxy S10 5G here.

In any case, given what happened in previous years, the Galaxy Note 10 is expected to be officially announced by Samsung in August.

But in truth, all this is good news for Samsung enthusiasts!

Since not only will they have more choice of sizes, like the price of the smaller model, it may be a bit lower, from what we are already accustomed in the line Note.

Besides, what do you think about this? Are you a user of a Samsung Galaxy Note? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

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