In the news today, we have information that Samsung is introducing One UI that wants to change users’ phone experiences. The company and also other tech companies often change the way users make use of phones every time. Till the end of 2018, smartphone manufacturers were confused about a few things; especially as to where to place the fingerprint reader.

But in this case, Samsung believes that their user interface must also adapt and be able to help users focus on the things that they love to do. If Samsung gets it right, it means that users will be able to do so much and not get overwhelmed, so-to-speak.

Yet, at this moment, Samsung One UI is reputed to be the most simple and streamlined UI anyone can get. The company at the same time is helping fans to get to understand this better. The focus now is Android 9 Pie update and we will see how the One UI will also unravel alongside it.

Samsung could be creating the One UI because users basically make use of the upper half of their phone to view and the lower part to interact, such as chatting. What comes to mind more in this case is the use of smartphones with larger screens.

Samsung Galaxy S10 +, the (super) variant will have 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage

For these larger screens, Samsung One UI is sure to bring the user a more balanced top screen and a more usable bottom half and even then the user will still have all the important things like key tabs, action buttons, and pop-ups within easy reach of users.

Samsung is also determined to make a more minimalist design available, which should be a good adaptation of pace for a UI and software that by now is very bloated. Hence, there will be focus blocks which will bring the user’s attention to the content that matters most on the screen. Meanwhile, the rounded corners of the phone will offer the user a more relaxed aesthetic experience.

However, the new One UI will lessen the number of information or buttons shown on the screen. On the screen, the user may only see the information he or she needs in order to complete a task.


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