It is a general rule that Samsung does not copy what Apple does on its iPhones. Samsung has also dialed back or refrained on its anti-Apple marketing efforts a little bit over time.

Samsung still loves to take a jibe once in a while against Apple by mocking the iPhone. Samsung did that when Apple released a smartphone (iPhone 7) in 2016. That iPhone came without a 3.5mm audio jack. Now, we learned that Samsung wants to do the same soon.

Now, Samsung wants to build a next-generation Galaxy smartphone prototype that will not possess a 3.5mm audio port.

A recent Bloomberg report rehashed a number of rumors that we are hearing about Samsung’s next generation smartphone lineup. These information have to do with details surrounding the hotly anticipated Galaxy S10 and the upcoming Galaxy F flagship phone. The Galaxy F is coming as a foldable smartphone with OLED display screen sometime this year or early next year.

Further, among the details the report gave is the likelihood that Samsung, which spent so much time ripping into Apple’s decision to ditch the dedicate headphone jack, is now testing a version of the Galaxy S10 that has no dedicated audio jack.

It is not surprising as that port is now seen as a waste of space inside smartphones nowadays when everyone is trying to get wireless headphones. Most consumers are actually falling in love with wireless headphones.

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Smartphone makers now appreciate the importance of having something tangible to occupy space, as much as many are concerned about the weight of smartphones. A good idea suggests that any space not fully significant has to be done away with for more important stuffs. It is believed that the space occupied by the 3.5mm audio jack can be subjected to a better use these days.

Just like every other smartphone vendor would do these days, it is good to test things and see how they pan out. In this vein, Samsung will not be going wrong if it is able to test things by letting one of its smartphone head into the market without a dedicated headphone jack before 2018 runs out.


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