Samsung Galaxy Note 8 1 1
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 1 1

The Samsung Galaxy Note series is one of the families of devices most desired by users as it is made up of smartphones with a large screen, very powerful technical specifications and an S Pen pointer.

In 2011, the original Galaxy Note was launched with a screen of 5.3 inches, something that was considered gigantic at that time, and also came with a touch pen S Pen that nobody just understood very well what was needed.

Since then, Samsung has been launching ever more powerful new editions of this device every year, with larger screens and always with the S Pen. In the end, Samsung’s daring bet has paid off and the Galaxy Note series is one of the most popular.

Samsung Galaxy Note FE
Samsung Galaxy Not

The S Pen has become a differential element for Samsung since very few manufacturers have dared to launch their own smartphones with a touch pen. And those who have done it, are nowhere near as versatile and advanced as Samsung’s pointer.

Samsung wanted to celebrate the history of the series Note and has published an infographic that highlights all the important updates that each model has brought since 2011.

The  Galaxy Note2 increased the screen to 5.5 “and incorporated Air View, which allowed to see additional information, for example on an appointment, by placing the pointer on the screen. The  Galaxy Note3 stood out for its imitation leather finish, a Full HD screen and the Air Command menu of the S Pen.

The Galaxy Note4 incorporated the fast charge and a fingerprint reader, as well as a heart rate monitor. Along with the Note4, Samsung launched the Note Edge, which offered a curved screen to the side. The  Galaxy Note5 released a new crystal design and the ability to take notes on the screen while being turned off.

The  Galaxy Note6 did not exist as Samsung preferred to skip this model to align the numbering between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series.

And we came to the Galaxy Note7, which was launched in 2016 but is not present in the infographic. As you probably remember, this model had to be removed twice due to a problem with the battery that caused some units to catch fire.

Despite the serious problem faced by Samsung, the Korean company was able to handle the crisis well, offering timely information about what was happening, as well as the conclusions of its investigation and the measures taken to prevent it from happening again.

The Galaxy Note7 followed the Galaxy Note FE, a safe version, with a smaller battery, which was only distributed in certain markets and which does not appear in the infographic either. The next model on the list is the Galaxy Note8, which arrived last year with an infinite screen and a dual rear camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 – 3 July render

The latest model in the series is the Galaxy Note9, which has gone on sale today with a price of € 1,009  for the 128GB model and € 1,259 for the 512GB.

The new model brings some interesting improvements over its predecessor such as a more comfortable position for the fingerprint reader, a higher capacity battery, a camera similar to the Samsung Galaxy S9 +, and an S Pen pointer with Bluetooth connectivity.

If you want to know everything about this smartphone, here you can read our in-depth analysis of the Galaxy Note9.

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