Samsung has reportedly signed a deal with Apple to supply 160 million OLED panels for the company’s next flagship iPhone, the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 will most likely be launched in September with an OLED screen, and it seems Apple can use all the panels it can lay its hands on right now for its new flagship phone.

The two smartphone giants already had a deal for 100 million OLED panel units in place. A deal that was sealed last year, 2016. This latest report, however, suggests that the “Big A” have purportedly extended its manufacturing agreement with Samsung to up to 160 million screens.

The extension of the OLED supply contract indicates in all sense that Apple is the actually trippling production of the iPhone 8, preparing to have enough units of the device for supply ahead of its 10 Anniversary.

The Investor also confirms the news;

Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has won a fresh deal with Apple to supply an additional 60 million units of organic light-emitting diode panels, worth of 5 trillion won (US$4.3 billion), for the next-generation iPhone

The Investor further goes on to state that while previous rumours suggest that the iPhone 8 could arrive in three different sizes – with the premium version featuring an OLED panel – the increase in the OLED panel by 60million unit could be an indication that the OLED screen might land on the other models too.

It should be known that Samsung uses OLED for almost 70 percent of its smartphone model while Apple utilises the liquid-crystal displays (LCD) for its iPhone models. Apple sources these LCD from various display makers such as LG Display, Sharp and Japan Display.

Now, with two of the smartphone industry top dogs, Samsung and Apple are adopting the OLED for their flagship devices this year, it is only normal to expect that their rivals would suffer losses due to decline in demand.

With this report, one should expect the 5-inch model of the iPhone 8, which will sport a glass back and the all-new wireless/inductive charging to sport the OLED screen too. Nothing less.


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