In the wave of virtual assistants that have been flooding the technology space over the past years we were gifted with Amazon’s Alexa, Android’s Google Now, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. It took a while but Samsung Bixby entered the space but it was met with much negative criticism that many even deemed animosity yet one thing was clear; there was no doubt that although Bixby lacked a lot of things in view against its competitors, it was definitely not lacking in potential. The company on its launch had shown promise with the virtual assistant but have unfortunately been very slow in living up to the hype with which it had come.

One of the major selling points of Samsung’s Virtual assistant was its supposed integration with third-party apps that will, in turn, bring users a totally different experience. Going by the report gotten from The Wall Street Journal, Samsung plans to bring the plans of its supposed third-party integration in its upcoming Samsung Developer conference with its launch of third-party capsules.

Although there has been little information about it and all that is available is vague and ambiguous, its workings are similar to those of the competition which have seemed to work to great effect. The template seems to be one that allows developers the freedom to create custom applications based on their own responses to the company’s plan and structure.

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The plan seems even more imperative if the products such as the yet to be launched Galaxy Home which is a premium home speaker is to make any headway in the technological market.

The HomePod will have a really hard task selling itself and breaking effectively in the home market in view of the high-profile success experienced by rival competition in the burgeoning smart home market of the world.


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