Samsung took the stage from its developer conference to reveal for the first time its folding smartphone. Although the main highlight was the screen and the technology implemented in it, the equipment was there and was functional.

Samsung unveiled its first foldable smartphone for the first time in the dark. In order not to show the hardware surrounding the screen, the stage was all dark, the presenter was in the dark and the only thing that glowed was the screen.

“I can not show you the rest or I’m in trouble,” said the Samsung executive with the first foldable Samsung smartphone in hand.

Samsung shows us that the future passes through its foldable smartphone

The equipment has two screens. One is housed on the outside of the equipment. According to the information provided, the smartphone works perfectly when used in this way. However, if you want to have more screen, just open it and you get a 7.3 “inch screen ready for use.

However, Samsung did not stop here. It was also mentioned that this type of screen is one of the 3 that are being developed. This is foldable but Samsung is working on one that “stretches” and another that is scrollable.

For the smartphone to work perfectly Samsung said that it worked with Google to present a system that can give the maximum support for folding smartphones.

So you can expect the market to start a fresh lap soon. You can see the video in which the smartphone is revealed below.

Your smartphone should be officially presented for the year. Today we had the first look at the screen in operation but the most exciting is yet to come. I can not wait to have one of these in my pocket, although I do not see a great purpose for it already.


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