Samsung, in a rather wise and smart bid to avoid a repeat of the Samsung Note 7 bomb fiasco, is diversifying its battery manufacture and supply source for its upcoming flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Any one who has been in the news for some months now need not be reminded that 2016 wasn’t a good year for Samsung Mobile. The flagship-turned-grenade Note 7 gave the smartphone manufacturer a difficult year end as the company’s reputation nose dived while at the same time placing innocent Samsung lovers and users on hospital beds.

A detailed investigation into the Galaxy Note 7 debacle however revealed that the detects in the device that made the smartphone go up in flames had it origin from batteries supplied by both Samsung SDI and ATL. Now, Samsung has done what any wise and serious minded business entity would do, “avoid making the same mistake twice!”

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Samsung has selected Sony as the third battery supplier for the Galaxy S8, with the first two still SDI and ATL. Still according to the Wall Street Journal, battery packs that will be utilized for the Galaxy S8 will come from the battery unit of Japan’s Sony Corp. but neither Samsung nor Sony have come forward to confirm the news.

According to the report, the order placed with Sony is proportionally smaller when placed side by side to the amount of units that the other two battery company will supply.

Samsung, in the same supply vein, supplies other rivals with components and parts too. It would be recalled that Apple Inc. reportedly increased its previous demand of 100 million OLED screen panels by 60 more million to make the final component request from Samsung to 160 million OLED screens for the iPhone 8.

And finally, in a move to be more absolutely certain that a reoccurrence of the Samsung Note 7 recall is totally avoided, the phone-maker have opted to test the Note 7 batteries in-house in lieu of trusting third-party companies.

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