Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone is Teased To launch in November

Samsung is not new to the foldable display tech, the company launched its first smartphone Galaxy Fold with a foldable display. However, the phone was too expensive for anyone to buy. We had come across many rumours suggesting that Samsung was working on more foldable phones, especially the cheaper models.

During the Samsung Developer Conference held this week, Samsung revealed a foldable flip phone form factor. A recent Weibo post reveals that Samsung would launch a new foldable smartphone sometime in November. The post was published by China Telecom, it was basically a teaser. Fonearena was the first to spot this post.

The new foldable phone is said to be categorised under the company's W series and will be called Samsung W20 5G, as seen in the teased image. Samsung's flip-phones are mostly launched under its W series. The teaser image of Samsung W20 5G reveals the silhouette of the sides of a partially opened flip phone.

Samsung W20 5G is considered to be the successor of Samsung W2019 that launched last year around the same same time. Samsung W2019 is a clamshell phone and was having a physical keyboard. But this time, the company may look at providing a full display that folds in half, just like the Galaxy Fold.

However, the teaser image shows a silhouette of the sides of the W20 5G phone partially opened and light emanating from where the display should be. The phone may have a display on the outside as well. But the point is that all this might have been done to create an illusion and in reality, the W20 5G may be another clamshell phone with a physical keyboard.

Samsung W20 5G and Motorola's Razr foldable phone may launch around the same time as the Motorola's Razr foldable phone is said to be launched on November 13. Recent leaks show the foldable display of the Motorola's Razr foldable phone

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