Samsung Galaxy X
Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung’s foldable smartphone coming in November? Galaxy X

2019 will be the year of the foldable smartphones, at least initially debut on the market and will have a unique design though not perfect at the most. Samsung has been working for a long time and just to obscure the next presentation of the Apple iPhone Xs and iPhone 9 could anticipate the presentation of the Galaxy X, the foldable smartphone, as early as November 2018.

Among the many projects at home in Samsung and after the recent presentation of the Galaxy Note 9, the South Korean house is preparing to drop the nineties with the world’s first folding smartphone, the Galaxy X, presented to the world already in about two months, and push a lot on the Galaxy S10 that will surely be under the eye of the storm not before mid-February 2019.

The confirmations come directly from above, with a half admission from DJ Koh, the managing director of Samsung’s mobile division, who says that there will be big news in November, and everything makes one think of the Galaxy X that perhaps will see the light very time ahead of schedule.

A long time ago Samsung patent was found that showed a foldable smartphone with a closure like the Microsoft Surface Book but now it seems all real with the integration of a flexible display integrated into a rigid body.

Samsung would have been working for some time to create something that can be folded thousands of times by the user without breaking easily and obviously adopt a small battery size, a battery that is also foldable or divided into two mini batteries.

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