Samsung’s new patent: Validated through blood pressure

After identifying the iris and facial scans, a new authentication method may be introduced by Samsung. And that’s how to identify users based on blood pressure under a patent that appeared on Pocketnow.

At present, we are quite familiar with the fingerprint sensor (mechanical form) located on the back or front of the phone.

Now, if Samsung switches to using blood pressure, data processing software will not be easy to solve. Blood flow data will be used to generate a waveform sample, which must coincide with the validation application.

Although the degree of coincidence will vary with different conditions in blood pressure, i.e., the authentication based on this type of data is sensible, but the application can be adjusted to match the exact threshold.

It is not clear whether Samsung will bring this technology to market. For users, of course, they would like to have blood pressure data to track and adjust their diet correctly.

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