The company known as Satechi has rolled out a new Aluminum Type-C Mobile Pro Hub Adapter. This item is aimed at working with iPad Pro. It is a USB-C hub that sticks to basics.

Although this USB-C hub works with a good number of other devices, it is also able to extend the abilities of those devices. The manufacturers of this new USB-C hub wants to make sure the iPad Pro is able to connect to all the different devices, provided these can work with iOS by Apply.

Only two USB-C hubs are able to work with the iPad Pro 2018 type of models. It is possible that other hubs will work with the iPad Pro but the Satechi USB-C hub is one of two that has officially been declare fit to work with device specifically. The other USB-C hub is called HYPR and it is even attached more closely to iPad Pro.

However, Satechi hub isn’t just designed to work with any other device. Looking at the size and shape of the Satechi hub, you can tell it is tailor-made to work with iPad Pro. In view of this, almost everything, including the color, thickness, and placement of the hub are meant to work with the iPad.

Here are the available ports on the Satechi’s iPad Pro 2018 USB-C hub.

HDMI port: This comes as full size, and it is 4K capable.

USB-C PD 3.0: Keep your iPad Pro charging while you plug in a set of other items in the rest of the ports on the hub. This is a USB-C PD 3.0 charging port meant for powering.

3.5mm headphone jack: This comes about because iPad Pro 2018 doesn’t include one.

USB 3.0 for data: This USB port allows for connecting to devices for data transfer at about 5GBs data transfer speed. However, the port can also be used for USB accessories, like for instance, a USB keyboard.

Satechi is selling this piece of hardware on its website for only $45 USD. But for now, it is only on pre-order. By mid-December, it should start shipping. At that time, it may sell for close to $60 USD. It comes in silver and space gray.


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