Huawei logo korea
Huawei logo korea

Amid the US-China trade war, China-based company, Huawei has become a target and as a result, the company is facing various restrictions that essentially aims to stop it from doing business. While the company has also been banned by any other countries, there seems to be some good news for the Chinese tech giant.

The Minister of technology in Saudi Arabia has said that he doesn’t see any problem in using Huawei products. “We don’t see a problem,” Abdullah bin Amer al-Swaha replied when asked whether he has any concerns about using Huawei products during an interview with Kyodo News.

“When it comes to building our digital economy, we have two guiding principles. The first one, we’re an open economy, so we are always pro-partnership, whether it comes from the East, Europe, or from the West. The second guiding principle, as long as those companies and those solution providers comply with our technical, regulatory and cybersecurity requirements, we’re more than happy to work with them,” he said on the sidelines of a Group of 20 ministerial meetings on trade and digital economy which held in Tsukuba, eastern Japan.

He also announced that Saudi Arabia is currently planning the largest commercial rollout of the next-generation 5G mobile network in the Middle East and North African region. He also said that he hopes that the cooperation agreement with Japan can help the country further its advances in IT.

While Huawei is still thriving even in these trying times, Huawei has clearly felt the negative effect of the ban. At the CES Asia technology show, a senior executive for Huawei said that plans by the company to become the top smartphone manufacturer in the world may face a delay. He also claimed that Huawei currently still sells 500,000 to 600,000 phones a day.

A few months, tech giant Huawei, which dominates the Chinese smartphone market, made it past Apple to become number two in the world and said it believed it beat Samsung to make the top spot “earliest this year, and next year at the latest.”

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