macbook air 2013 3 800x270
macbook air 2013 3 800x270

I belong to those users who always update all their devices to the latest version of the software. However, there are also those who do not care about updates.

As you know, if we do not do the update, the system will constantly remind us that we have to do so by sending a notification. Fortunately, you can turn them off, but you will need a terminal for that.

How to disable update notification on macOS

  1. We run the Terminal using Spotlight or from the Applications tab.
  2. After the Terminal appears, enter the command  sudo mv /Library/Bundles/OSXNotification.bundle ~ / Documents /
  3. The operating system will ask you for a password, enter it and confirm the operation.
  4. We restart the computer.

After completing the operation, macOS will not display notifications about the availability of updates. You will not lose the opportunity to upgrade, but you will often have to visit the Mac 

App Store to check if the update has been released.

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