If you would like to know how much time you spend on Instagram then I guess your prayers have just been answered. Instagram now has the ability to show you just how much time you spend using the app on a daily basis.

The same feature has also been rolled out for the Facebook, which to me, looks more like the YouTube take a break feature. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Facebook also owns Instagram so anything that gets added to the Facebook app has a high chance of also making its way to Instagram.

The new feature is the same as it is on the Facebook app. You get to see the amount of time you’ve spent using the Instagram app over the past week. It all gets rounded up and produces an average time you spend using the app on a daily basis. All these are shown to using a very simple bar graph which very easy for anyone to understand. From here, you can decide to set a daily reminder if you’ve been using the Instagram app more you would like to.

You also get to choose how many hours you get to use the Instagram app before it notifies you to quit the app. There is also an option to stop push notifications for a certain period of time as to get going back to the Instagram as soon as you get a notification about someone going lived, liking your picture etc. This is really a good step in the right direction, especially for people who are kind of battling Instagram addiction.

Without further ado, let’s get right down to it.

How To Find Out How Much Time You Spend On Instagram

The update is still being rolled out so you might not have gotten the notification from your respective store but once you do, update the Instagram app from the Google play or apple app store for Android and iOS respectively and follow the steps below.

  • Open The Instagram App and Go to Settings.
  • Click On Your Activity.

  • You’ll be presented with Bar Graph detailing your Instagram usage in the app. Each day has it’s own Bar, click on each bar to show you the amount of time you spent that day using the Instagram app.

  • Underneath the Bar Graph is where you get the option to set the daily limit (Click on it and choose a time frame) and also change the notification settings. (Click on it to stop certain push notifications for certain periods of time)

Note: How much time you spend on Instagram is shown on the app is for only the app on that particular device. Browsers sessions of the Instagram website or accessing Instagram through the Instagram app on another device won’t be shown.


That’s pretty much how to find out just how much time you spend on Instagram. Do you like this feature? Would be using it and also the daily limit reminder? Do let us know by dropping your opinion in the comment section down below.

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