Having a voicemail account on your Google Pixel device and customizing the message heard by your callers when they drop a message is key.

It assists people to be sure that it is you. They will be certain that they dialed the right number. And if your device is used for work stuff, it will sound much more professional than the default message that will be played for whoever is yet to set it up.

Below is all you have to do to set yours up if you have any version of the Pixel device:

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How Can I Set Up Voicemail On My Google Pixel?

This will not take much of your time. Do this:

  1. Click the phone icon in the bottom toolbar of your home screen.
  2. Click the dial pad icon.
  3. Make sure the number “1” is pressed and held – This will prompt your device to call into the voicemail system (The voicemail symbol will be visible right under the number on your dial pad.) Or, you can call *86 to get into the system but this will depend on your carrier.
  4. Adhere to the prompts for the creation of your voicemail PIN and set up your account.

When you are done, just hang up by pressing the red button.

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Your voicemail messages can be checked by calling into the service (Once more, this can be done by pressing the number 1). You will get notified every time a call is missed and every time anyone leaves a voicemail message for you.

If for any reason, you have to check your voicemail from a different device, it can be done by dialing your 10-digit phone number, and when it enters voicemail, press the pound key and then your voicemail PIN.

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