Sharps 8k television will be released at the end of April for 11,999 euros in Europe

Sharps LV-70X500E television with an 8k resolution and a screen diagonal of 70 inches, will be released in Europe at the end of April for a price of 11,999 euros. The company announced this during the IFA Global Press conference in Rome.

Sharps 8k television will be released at the end of April for 11,999 euros in Europe 1
Sharp’s 70” (177cm) LV-70X500E, launched in Europe at the IFA GPC

Europe follows Japan, where the LV-70X500E since last year as LC-70X500 on the market. Sharp admitted during the IFA event according to AVHub that the device is mainly intended to scale up to 2k and 4k images, with the TV ‘improving’ the image. In addition, the company focuses on users who want to display their own photos and videos at high resolution, for example from a USB stick.

The television can receive 8k video through the four HDMI 2.0 ports together. In fact, four images are shown on the screen that together yields an 8k resolution. This requires, for example, a PC with two video cards, so that there are enough HDMI connections. Support for HDMI 2.1 does not have the device. Sharp continues to focus on the sale of 8k cameras and receivers, for a broad ecosystem for the resolution.

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Sharps 8k television will be released at the end of April for 11,999 euros in Europe 2

According to Sharp, there is an increase in demand for large televisions. In Europe, 37 percent of TVs sold at the end of 2017 would have been a 60 “- to 69” model, followed by 70 “or larger, which would have accounted for 35 percent of sales, especially the 50” share. – up to 54 “format would have dropped considerably.

The LV-70X500E LCD TV is the top model in the Aquos line and has an 8k resolution of 7680×4320 pixels and a backlight of various segments for HDR playback. The device supports hlg and hdr10 and could provide 79 percent of the Rec2020 color space. The television consumes 470 watts and the weight is 45 kilograms. Sharp announced in August last year to release the Aquos 8K in Europe, which would happen in March, but that will now be the end of April.

Images from Nicole Scott

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