spy on WhatsApp Facebook or Snapchat
spy on WhatsApp Facebook or Snapchat

Smartphones can almost do anything a computer can do nowadays, and because its usability is similar, Android Spyware are becoming increasingly popular on smartphones. In this article, we will show you ways to find out if there are any Spyware on your Android device

  • Unusual battery Drain

After a few weeks or months of using a smartphone, most people get to know the battery pattern and its average battery life. But if you notice increased drainage of battery life without any tangible reason, it could be spyware. Also, if there is a spyware present on your smartphone, you might notice it heats up for no obvious reason when it is idle.

  • Your device misbehaves

If you notice anomalies on your smartphone, let’s say; it makes weird noises, it automatically shuts down, or find Applications never installed on your smartphone, spyware might be present on your phone. Clicking malicious links like spam emails could make you vulnerable to spyware attacks. Also, rooted smartphones are more likely to be attacked by spyware.

  • Makes unusual static noise during calls

If during phone calls, you hear an unusual beep or other sounds, this could mean that your calls are being recorded. Such noise could be from calls recording apps. Also, poor telephone quality could also mean spyware is present on your smartphone.

  • Auto Shutdown and Reboot

If you notice random shutdown and reboot of your device, it could be due to an unstable third-party App installed on your phone. Locate the app you think causes the reboot and uninstall it. if you still experience random reboot, it means you’re spied on or tracked.

  • Unusual High data usage

If you notice an unusual data drain, it could be caused by the presence of spyware on your smartphone. Spyware applications also use a lot of Data to send information on your smartphone.

  • Bad App

Be very cautious when you want to install a pirated or third-party App on your smartphone. Advertisers, though these Apps collect information about your App packages. Make sure to read about the app requirement to see if it is worth it.

Ensure that when you’re entering sensitive information like financial transaction details, you’re on a secure site. Secure websites and Apps have an IP address that starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP.

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