LG V10
LG V10

This article contains steps to take in order to fix No Service On LG V10.

One of the issues the users of the LG V10 have been facing is the no service error on their device. Smartphones worldwide often come with one minor problem or a major problem but sometimes it is not the Manufacturer’s faults. I agree that no one is perfect and sometimes we make mistakes. But what we think might be the Manufacturer’s mistake might just be ours. So before we start bad mouthing these manufacturers, let us make sure the mistake isn’t ours.

First off, you need to make sure you are on the global version of the device and that it isn’t locked to a carrier. As that might be the problem. If the device is region locked or locked to a carrier network then it wouldn’t work with any other SIM except it is the carrier’s. Thus giving you the no service message. So make sure you check if it is the global version of the device or you are using a compatible sim with the phone.

It might also be that the sim card is Inserted wrongly. Like trying to use a nano sim card with micro sim card port. This is highly unlikely but just to fulfill all righteousness, Double check the sim card. If it is placed correctly but still displaying the No Service error then follow the steps below.

Simple Ways To Fix No Service On LG V10

● Goto the Dialer App on your phone and input the following: *# *#4636# *# *

● After putting in the code above, it will automatically pop out a menu on your phone. This menu is called the Service Mode.

● In this Service Mode, Select Device Information or Phone Information.

● Select Run Ping Test and Click on Turn Off Radio. The device should restart.

● After restarting, Reboot.

That should fix the problem. Having a nulled or unknown IMEI number can also cause the problem. So after trying the above method and it still has not fix any service error then check your IMEI number. Go to your Dialer app and input *#06# and the IMEI number should pop up.

Now copy the IMEI number and head to the IMEI Checker Website, Put in your IMEI number and run a test to make sure the IMEI is indeed valid. It should bring the complete details of your phone and also show you if the IMEI is invalid. If it is, then you have no problem. If not, then you will have to change it by looking for the correct IMEI of your phone(Usually at the back of your device or the box of your device) and change it. That should solve the problem.

If after all these processes above you are still getting the no service error message. Then you will have to visit a phone technician as it is probably a hardware problem. A phone technician should be able to fix no service problem on your LG V10.


Hope the steps above helped you fix no service error on your LG V10. That is of course if it is a software related problem, if not them make sure you take the device to a trusted technician to help you fix it.

If there is any step you do not understand or have questions about the whole process. You can drop a comment and I will reply to it as soon as possible.

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