Skit: A New Light Weight App Manager Launched on Play Store

Normally, we use a file manager to manage all the installed app on our phone. Sharing an Apk file directly is not an issue at all but when it comes to sharing the apk file which is already installed or a system app then it may cause an issue. The apk file of the installed app may get corrupted when copying it. To solve this issue, an app named Skit has been newly launched on Play Store.

About Skit App

The Skit app has been developed by an XDA Developer named "Menos". This app manager is very simple, has a beautiful User Interface and is smart in managing all your applications. Now, You can easily make a copy of ".APK" file of any app including both user and system apps on your Android Smartphone. And when it comes to sharing of the extracted apk file then you can do it in any way you like. It also Allows you to uninstall the user app.

Special Features Of Skit Appskit app manager

You can use it to find more in-depth details of the apps installed on your Android Device. It lets you inspect installed apps and provide you in-depth details like installation date, update date, UID, Path of Data & APK, Memory etc.

And if you want to go deeper, then you can also find all the Permissions & Activities taking place through these installed apps. Information like Services and Certificates used by the applications can also be extracted. These are mainly the inside working or behavior of the apps.

In the Analytics Section of the Skit App, You can find more about your Device information, Total applications installed and the memory consumed with the free memory space. And if you want more feature like Theme Customization, Detailed Statistics of all the applications, deletion, and extraction of multiple apps at once and much more to come in future updates then buy the Premium Version.

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