Sky Go: Bigger app update announced

With the compulsion to use the app, Sky was not able to provide a good mood for its own customers. An upcoming update should at least make the desktop apps a little better again. It lacks the Sky Go apps not only in terms of quality regarding the app in general, even missing various content. Because the user will lose the benefits that he should actually have through Sky Go. For example, the repetitions of the Bundesliga, which I miss very much.

But first and foremost, the quality of the apps should be improved with an upcoming update, which in particular will increase the quality of the presentation. Unfortunately, many details were not mentioned in advance. I do not expect access to the addressed content yet, but Sky also announced improvements already.

Windows users angry again

In the last few days complaints appear again, the Sky Go app under Windows now absolutely requires the Aero theme (default). If you use a different theme (design), you probably can not use the Sky Go app. Why is there any connection between these factors is inexplicable to me. This will affect only a few users.

A few weeks ago, Sky had announced that the web version of Sky Go will be completely discontinued. With the compulsion of the App, the pay-TV provider has more control. Example: The app detects connected monitors and refuses to work for more than one. Friends has not turned on Sky with the app compulsion, all other providers rely on modern web standards.

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