Smartphone: Buy a wireless charger for 1.80 € (limited time)


A wireless charger is required for those who have a smartphone with the ability to charge it that way. Although for many it is something "gimmick", I have to admit that I am a lover of this type of functionality.

First of all, we have to realize that wireless charging is, in most cases, slower than a normal charger. However, if every time you're at home your smartphone is sitting on one of these chargers, you do not have major problems with its speed.

No matter how much they say to me "there and such does bad to the battery". Dude, let's face reality. It's very likely that your smartphone will not last more than 3 years (at best), use it at your leisure. I almost always have my iPhone X landed on the wireless charger and the battery is at its 94%. That is, healthy for over a year of use.

This wireless charger (Qi) works on any smartphone with the technology

That is, do not be afraid to use your smartphone as it should be used. It is preferable, in my opinion, to have the equipment always loaded than to carry around in a hurry for 20 minutes before leaving home.

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However, a charged cord is not always the best price. Incidentally, if you want one of those from Samsung you can go up to 40 €. So spreading a lot of them around the house is not exactly cheap.

That's why we have this type of promotion that is worth taking a look. With the promotion of "GBAFFYL323" you can buy a wireless charger worth € 1.78. Already included.

Do you know more about prices and shipping here (promocode above)

Of course, the wireless charger will not charge your smartphone quickly. Nor is it the most elegant you can have. With 5v you will have a good few hours to load the equipment. But it's like I told you. If you have them scattered around the house you know that you will never be without battery. Also, if you choose one or two fast wireless chargers and place them where you are most present, you'll see that it solves many of the problems.

In short, you can not expect miracles with this wireless charger but for less than € 2 is for this purpose.

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