galaxy note 9 first look
galaxy note 9 first look

Since its launch in 2010, the S-Pen stylus used on Samsung Galaxy Note is the best in its class. With the launch of Note 9, Samsung finally tried to incorporate some new features that were not supported previously via Bluetooth support. This new feature is finally known after the firmware for the Galaxy Tab S4 is sliced into the web arena.

The XDA page analyzes the firmware and encounters these new features. Since Tab S4 also has S-Pen, the same function will also be found in the Galaxy Note 9 later. First of all, it confirms the music player control and built-in battery controls in the stylus. S-Pen can also be a remote control to capture images. Press the button on the S-Pen and the picture will be taken.

The device can also be unlocked using S-Pen. Previously when the device was locked and the S-Pen was removed, the user had to touch the screen and do the unlocking process. The large probability of unlocking systems when detecting Bluetooth accessories is used this time.

There is also a setting to detect one or double tap on the screen using S-Pen. In addition, there is support for launching the app and S-Launcher when the S-Pen button is pressed for a long time.

It only lasted two weeks before Galaxy Note 9 was launched. Please continue with TecHLecToR to get more news about this stylus phablet in the near future.

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