Xiaomi Redmi Pro AH NS 07 logo
Xiaomi Redmi Pro AH NS 07 logo

Huge surprise for users of some Xiaomi phones. Since there are users who have found ads while using the phone. So far nothing strange, if not for these ads have been detected in the system settings. In the file manager, or system applications are places where these ads have been seen.

Some Xiaomi phones show ads in settings

It was a user who detected it for the first time and uploaded a photo to Reddit. In the settings of his phone, of the Chinese brand, he has found advertising.

Ads in settings in Xiaomi

In addition, other users with Xiaomi phones are also experiencing them. You can see comments on Reddit and the MIUI forums on the subject. The brand has not given any explanation at the moment, nor has it said if it is something that happens to all users.

Not everything is bad since it seems that it is possible to end these ads in the Xiaomi settings.

A curious situation, and for which there is no explanation for now. So we hope that the company will tell us more about it soon. Since it is not normal for ads to be introduced in the settings of a phone.

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