Sonos and IKEA revealed last year that they have partnered to bring more music to your home. Sonos is one of the leading companies in the speaker segment and IKEA… is IKEA. Everything you need for the house will be there.

That’s why I was excited to see what was coming out of here. The new lamp is one of two products that companies have to offer and promises to win over lovers of sound and design.

The base of the lamp is a sound column with a fabric identical to the ones we see in the Sonos columns. Note that the column will complement the entire portfolio of the brand, that is, you can control the column with the application or with voice assistants. 

Sonos and IKEA promise to give music to your home in style

At the top, we have a smart light that can also be controlled through an application or through such voice assistants. That is, an intelligent lamp with a quality of construction and simply brilliant design. 

This smart lamp comes to complement the bookshelf which is also a column (picture below). The products complement each other perfectly and the design is uniform between them. That is, if you buy the two you will not be disappointed the way you leave your room. 

However, the price is not the most appealing. Although it’s considerably lower than a Sonos column, gadgets are not for all wallets. 

The lamp will reach the market for 179 € and the bookshelf for 100 €. A price that will cost to give but that deserves to be considered if you want something more intelligent and elegant for your house. The lamp will look perfect in the living room or in any room with a modern style. 


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