Sonos S18: New Sonos speaker appears


Sonos seems to be standing in front of the launch of new speakers. At least at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the North American Communications Authority, documents surfaced which refer to the Sonos S18. The fact is already discussed in the forums of course. So it is suspected that it could be the new speaker to a satellite, which could provide in conjunction with the Playbar or the beam for a classic home theater setup.

Likewise, the new speaker should have a touch operation. If you have to take a look at what Sonos is planning, given the necessary change, you can pair classic speakers today and place them in a home theater setup. Cheaper speakers than the Sonos One only for surround use (and with voice assistant)? Also conceivable. Of course, Sonos also needs to rethink, because now there are many people who put even more on the purchase price, but not the sound - which could eventually resort to other solutions - perhaps because they offer an Amazon echo setup with multiroom.

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