Sony Introduces Android Pie to Xperia Xz Premium, ZX1, and ZX1 Compact

Android 9 Pie has been introduced to Sony Xperia Xz Premium, ZX1, and ZX1 Compact after the operating system came out just two months ago. The update should have been applied on October 26 but was delayed because of some bugs. However, fans are very happy that the Android update is coming now. This Android update is only able to reach some parts for now. In other words, if you are using any of the above mentioned smartphones, you may still be in the waiting line before you can upgrade to the latest Android.

To download the Android Pie for Xperia XZ1, you may need to do it over Wi-Fi because it is indeed a big one. Sometimes when updates fail, it could be because of poor internet connection. If you do this update you could be getting several additions and refinements to the camera app and others.

Although the updates are slow in coming, it appears that users of Sony Xperia XZ Premium, ZX1, and ZX1 Compact don’t have to wait until March 2019 to get the updates. The XZ2 and XZ2 Compact have already had their updates earlier in the month of October and the Android Pie updates for Sony Xperia XZ Premium, ZX1, and ZX1 Compact has started on November 7th, 2018.

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change App Download Preferences On Android 9 Pie

Those who have Xperia XA2 Ultra, or XA2 Plus can expect their update on March 4th, 2019.

For XZ2 and XZ2 Compact smartphones, the Android Pie update from 51.1.A.11.51 to 52.0.A.3.27 on both devices. The update weighs up to 1GB. They get an October 28 security patch.

According to latest releases, most of the smartphones manufactured in about the last two years will be able to update to Android 9 Pie. However, it is claimed that some will only get updates when first developer preview for Android Q comes along. Even if it is easier for manufacturers to update their smartphones to a newer version, it may still not be better.

One thing we know is everyone is thinking about the new Android. Many want it and some want it very fast. The truth is your Sony may be able to receive the latest Android version.

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