Sony has partnered with hardware manufacturer Performance Designed Products (PDP) to launch a new Cloud Remote for the PlayStation 4 in the USThe 4.98 x 15.39 x 1.83 centimeter remote can be easily set up, programmed and used with PDP’s existing Cloud Remote app.

PDP uses cloud technology to discover the devices connected to the PS4 and automatically set up the remote immediately and with little effort. This annoying manual setup of the remote control should be a thing of the past. For the TV buttons for on / off, the input and the volume are available. The sleek design should continue to ensure that all controls are easily accessible.

Unlike classic remote controls, the Cloud Remote does not connect to the PS4 via infrared but establishes a Bluetooth connection. Once connected, you can easily navigate through menus or PS4 apps.

Currently, the device was only presented in the US, it is available for $ 29.99, its buyers also get 30 days of access to Sony Vue. The German PS4 blog does not yet contain information about availability in some countries. If that changes, you will know that through us.


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